A brand new program of vintage Cable Access weirdness.

The Public Access Show brings together the best, worst, and strangest programs ever produced for cable access television. This hybrid live show and film screening features rare and never before seen clips along with classics videos from the golden age of community television.

Expect creepy puppets, incompetent talk show hosts, and off the rails call-in segments presented in all their lo-fi glory.

The Public Access Show is curated and hosted by veteran public access producer Adam Papagan (David Liebe Hart Band, The ASMR Talk Show) who compiled the show from his personal archive, the depths of YouTube, and good old fashion VHS tapes. Each show is unique and features a live presentation before and after the screening. No cable subscription required!

“There’s a magic to [Public Access] that thankfully social media and the internet still has not been been able to replace."

Josh Robert Thompson, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

“It truly is the closest thing to a nightmare that I’ve ever honestly seen.”

Andy Nyman, Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe

“For fans of Found Footage Festival, Tim and Eric, and Everything is Terrible!”

The Texas Theater